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  • im just sad at the fact that patt has to go thew SO MUCH drama with that elinuwnfe girl, idfc what her name is. shes a lier. and shes fake. idc what anybody says. its not changing my mind. patt did nothing to deserve that. it was so much better 5 years ago when we could watch jen and patt love eachother and care and laugh and play mincraft. it makes me cry to this day and look back at how much drama and separation there is now that there apart. crazy what life does to the best people.

    xcloudsxclouds2 ժամ առաջ
  • I haven’t watched Jen and pay for three years wtf happened

    Bee TownBee Town8 ժամ առաջ
  • Wait did I hear him say JENS BIRTHDAY

    Goldy The maniacGoldy The maniac12 ժամ առաջ
  • this brings back memories 😭

    Rambow lolRambow lol19 ժամ առաջ
  • When you've come back after 4 years and see this, and see Jen and Pat divorced

    Kisani KKisani K19 ժամ առաջ
  • I am crying

    Alexandru-Nickolas GutaAlexandru-Nickolas Guta20 ժամ առաջ
  • I want it to be back to normal

    Alexandru-Nickolas GutaAlexandru-Nickolas Guta20 ժամ առաջ
  • Whyyy

    Alexandru-Nickolas GutaAlexandru-Nickolas Guta20 ժամ առաջ
  • Jen is all pink

    BH_NotWxBH_NotWx21 ժամ առաջ
  • Guys just remember the last time both of them went to buy it together no masks 😔

    VividzVividz22 ժամ առաջ
  • I miss jen

    NinjaValtreak11NinjaValtreak11Օր առաջ
  • Pro if I saw Pat or Jen irl I would hug one of them.

    John AdamsJohn AdamsՕր առաջ
  • The intro is my childhood

    Tiny ProductionsTiny ProductionsՕր առաջ
  • Jens boyfriend is just not the same as pat and never will be

    sean's studiossean's studiosՕր առաջ
  • I hated when Jen laughed a bit when she said pat has covid 🥲

    Fortdog GamingFortdog GamingՕր առաջ
  • This is just all wrong 😑

    Trav dogTrav dogՕր առաջ
  • I’m happy y’all still get along love you two

    eduardo alexiseduardo alexisՕր առաջ
  • You two separated was a mistake this sucks

    AntonioAntonio2 օր առաջ
  • Gibby is dating jen

    Nova_SaturnNova_Saturn2 օր առաջ
  • I did buy you new book

    Vylet TouchetteVylet Touchette2 օր առաջ
  • Its good to see that you an Jen are still good friends.

    insert nameinsert name2 օր առաջ
  • It’s math

    Zak RiggZak Rigg2 օր առաջ
  • I’m say math i

    Zak RiggZak Rigg2 օր առաջ
  • Math

    Zak RiggZak Rigg2 օր առաջ
  • Like math tho

    Zak RiggZak Rigg2 օր առաջ
  • The thing is on his hat it say math and then 🧐 math realy

    Zak RiggZak Rigg2 օր առաջ
  • Wow its been a while 🙁

    Steel BroSteel Bro2 օր առաջ

    Darth SnowDarth Snow2 օր առաջ
  • Honey boo boo dinners ready

    BOMBs AWAYBOMBs AWAY2 օր առաջ
  • Who else still watches the old videos on repeat? Ahem ME

    TheHorror QueenTheHorror Queen2 օր առաջ
  • there is so much sadness behind pats eyes lol.

    mr ladmr lad3 օր առաջ
  • is it me but i thought pat and jen were dating

    Mon_solo DubsMon_solo Dubs3 օր առաջ
  • Pat sounds EXACTLY the same but Jen sounds kinda different

    Haris AhmadiHaris Ahmadi3 օր առաջ
  • yo elleni lokking kina sus vote her off 😤😤😤😤

    Rich Rish VlogsRich Rish Vlogs3 օր առաջ
  • Me: why they broke up,!!!!??? My friend:I'm Jen's new bf

    Lycole NansLycole Nans3 օր առաջ
  • “Jen and her boyfriend” damn, I wish I was 8 again..

    valiantvaliant4 օր առաջ
  • I have all the books :D

    EmbryEmbry4 օր առաջ
  • Why did jen leave you ??

    Davion Rhev VistoDavion Rhev Visto4 օր առաջ
  • i just missed the old popularmmos

    smile dudesmile dude4 օր առաջ
  • I miss jen and pat being hilarious

    Jerald Derd TolentinoJerald Derd Tolentino4 օր առաջ
  • Wait they broke up I haven’t been in this channel for 2 years my childhood is ruined😕

    Zornitsa KirovZornitsa Kirov4 օր առաջ
  • I have the first book

    Alexis NicolasAlexis Nicolas4 օր առաջ
  • am i the only one that thinks pat was the better choice than andy or whatever his name was

    Tony MorenoTony Moreno4 օր առաջ
  • Wait did I miss something when did Jen have a boyfriend?

    Nicole DwyerNicole Dwyer4 օր առաջ
  • Yo Andy seems really nice

    therandomizer 1113therandomizer 11135 օր առաջ
  • andy looks like a great guy but I miss when it was just pat and Jen😭

  • I'm a returning fan

    sparky was heresparky was here5 օր առաջ
  • Who here still has the 1st book lolz

    sparky was heresparky was here5 օր առաջ
  • Hmm ... the MrBeast is strong with this one

    Connie BrittConnie Britt5 օր առաջ
  • If u know this ur a legend. LIGHT IT UP UP UP LIGHT IT UP UP UP IM ON FIYEHHHHHHH

    Raine YasmeenRaine Yasmeen5 օր առաջ
  • Jen looks Boujee no cap the new guy sucks and he looks like normal SpongeBob from that one episode

    Team KadeTeam Kade5 օր առաջ
  • What happens to you and Jen being together...... I miss that last time I watched was 2019

    Bico- gachaBico- gacha5 օր առաջ
  • wish it was still 2015

    oofieoferoofieofer5 օր առաջ
  • Oh man I wish he'd play with Jen again

    Logan LongLogan Long5 օր առաջ
  • Is it just me or does Jen look old..

    Fxlise_Fxlise_5 օր առաջ
  • What happens I came back to watch some popplurmmoas and I see THIS whyyyyyyyyy

    Mr SlimyyMr Slimyy5 օր առաջ
  • This hurts my childhood right now seeing Jen with somebody else other than pat 💔 😔

    LABLAB6 օր առաջ
  • There's no way the intro is still the same after so many years 🙆‍♀️

    Denise LauDenise Lau6 օր առաջ
  • 'Jen and her boyfriend' That truly broke me

    Christopher BoxallChristopher Boxall6 օր առաջ
  • I remember that Jen said never wants a tattoo 🥲

    MyNaMe IsRaTMyNaMe IsRaT6 օր առաջ
  • I can get it for free in my schools library

  • I go missing for 3 years and come back to pat and Jen broken up🤦🏾‍♂️

    UnreleasedHÊÂT59 4UnreleasedHÊÂT59 46 օր առաջ
  • this hurts me so much the he putted "jen's boyfriend" i miss jen and pat together :(

    Carl deniel QuirozCarl deniel Quiroz6 օր առաջ
  • My child hood got thrown into a toaster and got stabbed 690000595958585858 times

    BogerBoy RBogerBoy R6 օր առաջ
  • Jens boyfriend isn’t the oh couple

    HoyaDeskk 387HoyaDeskk 3876 օր առաջ
  • can we just talk about how cute Jens outfit and their dogs are?

    Eva ChristenEva Christen7 օր առաջ

    H E I !H E I !7 օր առաջ
  • Omg ur old intro

    Zoe TamZoe Tam7 օր առաջ
  • This has to be pretty rough behind the scenes

    MDG MetroMDG Metro7 օր առաջ
  • You know it just hurts in my heart

    Malcolm HMMalcolm HM8 օր առաջ
  • when you guys broke up my life was destroyed so I didn't watch u anymore

    Ivanna RamirezIvanna Ramirez8 օր առաջ
  • My childhood is ruined

    Matthew BradyMatthew Brady8 օր առաջ
  • She’s a traitor

    smooth0790smooth07908 օր առաջ
  • Why do I feel like there were my parents...

    Nooob69 420Nooob69 4208 օր առաջ
  • Imean im glad they didn't just cut ties

    Hi IdiotHi Idiot8 օր առաջ
  • I feel like it's my fault idk y.

    Connor PhalenConnor Phalen8 օր առաջ
  • i love how jen and her boyfriend are happy with each other, and pat isnt mad about it at all. they are all so wholesome

    ARNT ProductionsARNT Productions9 օր առաջ
    • @Cyinx ik its not the same without jen being there all the time but im not worried about it being the same, i care more about pat and jen being themselves and just being happy with their lives❤️❤️❤️

      ARNT ProductionsARNT Productions22 ժամ առաջ
    • it's not the same anymore

      CyinxCyinx22 ժամ առաջ
  • they're apart but still happy they are now only friends but dont get sadden cause even tho they're just friends they can still be happy at each other and they're bond is still together always happy and together even if they're not for each other

    A Big MistakeA Big Mistake9 օր առաջ
  • they're apart but still happy they are now only friends but dont get sadden cause even tho they're just friends they can still be happy at each other and they're bond is still together always happy and together even if they're not for each other

    A Big MistakeA Big Mistake9 օր առաջ
  • I think Jen got something done... 😂

    Bryan ReyesBryan Reyes9 օր առաջ
  • Why pat and Jen just why we miss pat and Jen maybe pat wants to get back with Jen

    Ali AlsubhiAli Alsubhi9 օր առաջ
  • 2 parts of my child hood is gone, you and Jen and the Dolan twins

    Izabel FourmanIzabel Fourman10 օր առաջ
  • 🥺🥺🥺🤧

    Derek HessDerek Hess10 օր առաջ
  • PAT!

    Ford GTFord GT10 օր առաջ
  • i went to comments to say something but i dont have the heart to see the comments

    TheClicksterTheClickster10 օր առաջ
  • I'm sad bc you guys brooke up😔

    gamer boy pro player09gamer boy pro player0910 օր առաջ
  • I have all the books because I’m a big fan

    U susU sus10 օր առաջ
  • Wow “Jens boyfriend” hurt me

    MurkMurk10 օր առաջ
  • I wish y’all were still together

    H IH I11 օր առաջ
  • Why did they break up? I just remember when the videos 5 years ago said 5 minutes ago :(

    ꧁ᔕᗩᑭᑭY ᗩᗴᔕTᕼᗴTIᑕ꧂꧁ᔕᗩᑭᑭY ᗩᗴᔕTᕼᗴTIᑕ꧂11 օր առաջ
  • It’s just not the same...

    SLATUSSLATUS11 օր առաջ
  • POV jens new boyfriends talk 😐

    Alexander GracianoAlexander Graciano11 օր առաջ
  • Here after 4 years and wtf bruv!!

    Cockroach PlaysCockroach Plays11 օր առաջ
  • We miss Jen tho

    Kaelah Yzabelle CamarilloKaelah Yzabelle Camarillo11 օր առաջ
  • I'm very sad that they're broken up :( But I hopw they're okay!!

    no [slap]no [slap]11 օր առաջ
  • Stop saying "OmG iM sO sAd ThEy BrOkE uP" y'all r overreacting, get used to it. It's what they want.

    nerdnerd12 օր առաջ
  • Me looking at the playlists Me: Pat and Jen....

    SHWS BlazeSHWS Blaze12 օր առաջ
  • Yuck we need u to play with Jen again everyone else sucks:((((

    RoyalBear_PlzRoyalBear_Plz12 օր առաջ
  • 2019 guy intensifies

    nono12 օր առաջ
  • The intro omggggggg memoriesss

    Not KiaraNot Kiara12 օր առաջ